Use Power Automate as your Conditional Access Police Department

Last week, I was working on a new blog for the Secure Score Series regarding global admin and break glass accounts. I came to the point where I was thinking of possible scenarios that could go wrong with these accounts. What if someone accidentally added these users to a certain group? What if that group would be triggered in some policy or maintenance tasks? A lot of these actions can be discovered using Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Monitor.… 

Secure your Azure Management portal

  • Security
  • 2 min read

Today a quick tip to secure your Azure Management Portal. By default, the inactivity timeout of the Azure Management portal is set to ‘Never’. From a security perspective, this is far from ideal. This small setting can be easily overlooked. It’s a good idea to configure this for your tenant. Administrators can set this value themselves. Global administrators are able to set this value globally. When configuring this setting, your administrators will be logged out when they are inactive for…