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Entra ID Dynamic Groups – Direct reports of a manager

Here’s a quick tip that I discovered only recently. A nice, somehow hidden feature of Entra ID dynamic groups is the possibility of creating a dynamic group for the reports of a specific manager. When the manager’s direct reports change in the future, the group’s membership is adjusted automatically.

Assume you want to create a dynamic group that holds all the direct reports of Miriam Graham; here’s how to do it.

From the Entra admin center, go to Identity > Groups > All groups. Create a new group, name it, and pick the dynamic user membership type.

Now, here’s the trick. In the Rule syntax, add this syntax, where <id> is the objectID of the manager.

Direct Reports for "<id>"

The objectID can be found on the user’s overview page.

After a short while, the group is populated, and all direct reports of Miriam are dynamically added to it.

Needless to say, in order for this to work, the manager object of the user needs to be populated.

Here’s the Microsoft Learn page: Rules for dynamically populated groups membership – Microsoft Entra ID | Microsoft Learn

Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Entra ID Dynamic Groups – Direct reports of a manager”

  1. Michael-Dean Appollis

    Thanks for this. If you have a scenario do have all users reporting into a higher role, Do you perhaps know of a way to include the users that also report back into the respective managers that roles up to higher role ?

  2. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. That would require a custom Logic App, so you must build the logic yourself.

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