Require trusted location for MFA and SSPR registration

This article shows how you can block MFA and SSPR registrations from untrusted locations using Azure AD Conditional Acces. When you want to enable MultiFactor Authentication and Self Service Password Reset for your users, they need to register their security settings first. Since the combined portal arrived, users can do this easily in just one place. Using this combined portal is also a requirement in order to make this possible. Although this portal is still in preview, it has great… 

Secure your Azure Management portal

  • Security
  • 2 min read

Today a quick tip to secure your Azure Management Portal. By default, the inactivity timeout of the Azure Management portal is set to ‘Never’. From a security perspective, this is far from ideal. This small setting can be easily overlooked. It’s a good idea to configure this for your tenant. Administrators can set this value themselves. Global administrators are able to set this value globally. When configuring this setting, your administrators will be logged out when they are inactive for…