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Azure AD

Microsoft Secure Score Series – 04 – Ensure all users can complete multi-factor authentication for secure access

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps protect devices and data that are accessible to these users. Adding more authentication methods, such as the Microsoft Authenticator app or a phone number, increases the level of protection if one factor is compromised. In this blog post, we take a look at the different ways to make sure that your users can register for multi-factor authentication. Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication is a no-brainer giving the fact that your identity is your key to almost all your… 

How to publish on-premises applications and protect them with MFA

Using Azure Application Proxy you can publish your on-premises web applications in a secure way. Combining this with Conditional Access, you can configure MFA for example. Now Coronavirus is hitting us hard, you might have to take a look at this feature. Assume the following use case: you have Citrix or RDS available for 50% of your users, so they can work from home or elsewhere. Now, because of the Coronavirus (or any future disaster), all of your employees have… 

Azure AD tenant branding; size does matter!

  • Azure AD
  • 3 min read

Earlier today, I read this article from Alex Simons about the change that is coming to the Azure AD sign-in experience. In this change the background image of the login screen is being replaced for a smaller one, so the page loads faster. Good news for the low bandwidth offices out there! The article states: If you’ve configured a custom background image in Company Branding for your tenant there is no change to your users. That got me thinking. When…